What Does MicheLee Puppets Do With Your Donations?

Did you know that before a school is ever contacted, MicheLee Puppets finds funding to bring their cost from $4 per child to $1 per child…and YOU can make the difference! With over 30 years of delivering life-changing messages, we make every dollar count. You work hard for your money and here is where your investment goes:

Empowering youth to become upstanders versus bystanders.

“A Good Day for Pancake” for K-2nd graders and “The Upstander League” for 3rd-5th graders teaches thousands of students across Central Florida how to help a victim in a bullying situation.

Encouraging thousands of low-income preschoolers to get excited about reading, math and science skills!

Our 3-part “Rhyme Time” live series features giant pop-up books and original music. Students  sing and rhyme their way to reading! The fun continues online with “The Electric Socketz” and their rhyming music videos.  “Discover Math and Science” premieres in January of 2016!

Promoting healthy lifestyles choices

The Live “EXTREME Health Challenge” and online educational videos teach students how to make healthy choices.

Providing workshops and professional trainings.

Shows provide experiences on a larger audience scale, while individual workshops allow one on one interaction. In 2015 alone, at-risk youth, students with autism and social and emotional challenges have been empowered by their work with MicheLee Puppets. Professionals have found creative ways to reach their students and clients.

You can make the difference with your one-time or monthly gift.  Make your investment in a child today by donating here to MicheLee Puppets.We have been so blessed to receive over 30 years of support and look forward to the next 30 years!