DIY: Make a Glove Hand Puppet

Make a custom glove puppet with just a few simple materials. Follow along to our DIY video with the written instructions below.




  1. Cut on the dotted “Cut Line” of your Glove Puppet Printable Template to create a paper strip.
  2. Hold your strip horizontally, and add masking tape to one end of the strip. 
  3. Wrap the strip around your 3 fingers (index, middle and ring fingers) to create a paper ring. Then secure in place with the tape. It should be loose enough to slip off of your hand easily, but tight enough to stay in place.
  4. Your fingers should stick out slightly above the paper ring. If not, remove the paper ring from your hand and trim off the top edge until they do.
  5. Slide your paper ring off of your hand and staple the paper together. You may want to cover the staple with masking tape. Then place the ring to the side.
  6. Decorate one of our blank face patterns from the Glove Puppet Printable Template with Markers or crayons, OR design a face of your own on a piece of cardstock that is approx. 5″x 5″.
  7. Cut out your puppet’s  face. 
  8. Create a “tape donut” by turning a strip of masking tape into a loop so that it is sticky on both sides.
  9. Place your tape donut onto the center of the front of the paper ring.  TIP: make the front of the paper ring where the paper meets. This way your face will hide the line.
  10. Affix your puppet face to the paper ring by pressing onto the tape.
  11. Put your glove onto your hand and slide the paper ring back onto your hand. You may choose cut the tips of the fingers off of the glove before placing it onto your hand to make it easier to grip items.


Use the video and written instructions below to learn how to perform your puppet!

  1. Point your index, middle and ring finger straight up and use the pinky and thumb as the hands of the puppet.
  2. Put your elbow on the table and lift it up and down to make your puppet walk. 
  3. Move the fingers inside of your ring slightly, to make your puppet appear to talk.
  4. Practice bending your wrist to let your puppet pick up items such as a pencil, bubbles, or other things that the character might need.
  5. Have Fun! Use your puppet to tell a familiar story or sing along to a favorite song.


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