OUTFRONT Media helps MicheLee Puppets Soar!

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird… It’s a plane! It’s…MicheLee Puppets?MicheLee Puppets has been touring Central Florida for 30 years, but never quite like this! If you have traveled in the Central Florida area this summer, you may have been lucky enough to see this image floating above you:

billboard pic

Thanks to a generous in-kind donation from OUTFRONT Media, MicheLee Puppets is popping up in neighborhoods across Central Florida! The fun continues throughout the year as we celebrate 30 years of empowering lives through the art of puppetry! Where will you see us next?Like us on Facebook and when you see MicheLee Puppets on a billboard, share it with us! Thank you, OUTFRONT Media for this fun and unique way for MicheLee Puppets to reach the masses!