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Mystery in the CREATION Clubhouse

When friends Oliver, Gabbie, and Freddie start building a clubhouse out of an old shed, they discover a strange inscription written on the wall – the word CREATION. A nearby clue sets them on a journey to discover the meaning of the word and to uncover the mystery of how to live a healthy and happy life.

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Episode One – Choice

Follow Oliver, Gabbie and Freddie as they discover a mystery and learn that they can make choices to be happy and healthy.



Episode Seven – Outlook

In this episode, a rainy summer day makes Oliver grumpy. Gabbie and Freddie help Oliver discover how a positive outlook can help him be happy and healthy.



I Drinky Water
Power Up! For Health DVD

Grab your water bottle and sing along with Rico!




Walk to School: Safe is Cool DVD

Poor Croakita! If only she had looked both ways before crossing the street. Find out what happened in this music video.




Be Aware of the Edges
Walk to School: Safe is Cool DVD

Do you know what the edges are? Join Henry on his misadventure as he learns to be aware of the edges!




Florida’s Next Top Be Seen Queen (or King)
Walk to School: Safe is Cool DVD

Runway contestants compete for the title of Top Be Seen Queen! See which model wins in the contest to be the most visible!



Stop Walk Look Go
Walk to School: Safe is Cool DVD

Learn how to cross the street safely in this rockin’ music video!

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